Investment Strategies

Direct Investments

ESI continues to pursue direct investment opportunities, with a focus on acquiring, developing, and/or improving properties for successful operation and eventual sale or hold. ESI targets value creation through leasing, capital or tenant improvements, redevelopment, adaptive re-use, or curing distress.

Projects with the following high-level attributes are generally of interest:

  1. Multifamily, hospitality, and office;

  2. Opportunistic or value-add;

  3. Texas and West;

  4. Off-market and/or not subject to competitive bidding.

Co-GP/ Incubator

ESI’s Co-GP / Incubator Platform exists at the intersection of venture capital and traditional, asset-driven real estate private equity.

ESI is actively seeking emerging sponsorship groups who have the following characteristics:

  1. Demonstrable institutional CRE experience;

  2. Early-to-beginning phases of proprietary investing;

  3. Ability to fund at least 20% of the GP portion of the capital stack;

  4. Desire for programmatic relationship.

In this role, ESI is acting as an accretive resource and addition to the lead sponsorship’s team. Providing support and guidance through:

  1. Balance sheet and credit support for satisfaction of net worth and liquidity covenants;

  2. Institutionally vetted resume;

  3. Contribution of LP investor network;

  4. Expertise in capital markets, development, and construction.